Sunday, 27 October 2013

Clothes Encounter: Styling the 9 Crow St. Lookbook

I was really flattered to be asked by 9 Crow St to style their lookbook for the launch of their new website. The founding trio have created an online shop that is favoured by lovers of vintage, hipster kids, models and fashionistas alike. I  love Dean, Mel and Emma's personal styling as they are have their own evolved and distinctive edge. They combine to give an authenticity and injection of youth and style savvy into '9 Crow St'. It has become a household name in Ireland because it celebrates those who want unique, fashion - forward quirky items. They are shortly opening a store in Dublin. Details to follow. As many of you know my press styling borders on racy. It is playful, fun and sexy. I work a lot with Irelands top lingerie + fashion models and I love putting a street twist in my shoots - so for this shoot I was inspired by Miley on Jimmy Fallon, Lana Del Rey lolita americana, Clueless and the 90's, Gossip Girl, Miami street style, smart chic + 60's glamour. But most of all I was inspired by '9 Crow St' and all they have to offer. I particularly love the mohair cardi, tweed blazer and baseball jacket. Check out the looks..

Shop 9 Crow St here

Photographer: Alex Hutchinson
Stylist: Laura Mullett

 I hope you like the looks I put together. To check out the rest of my styling portfolio click here 

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  1. Love these looks, need to give the shop a gander x