Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day in Dublin City. 14/02/13

Love is everywhere today. In ladies' jumpers with their heart- print patterns, in couples strolling up Grafton street gazing into each others eyes - hence walking into passers by. Valentines day is on public transport where couples use their one day PDA allowance. It's in the workplace, chippers, Starbucks, chemists.. Everywhere.

It's on the luas when a couple in a lip lock misses their stop but barely seem to notice or care. An elderly couple stroll down Henry Street layered in scarves and gloves to conserve their warmth and canoodle like lovesick teenagers.

People grin in a nonchalant manner as they read their text messages - the modern day love letter.
They instagram their romantic dinner, hash tag it and tweet it for all the world to see.

On facebook some couple that everyone knows have a flair for the dramatic changed their relationship status on facebook last night after a bicker but now are 'in a relationship' or 'engaged'. Swit swoo.

Two kids in a platonic friendship barely know what Valentines Day Is but they exchange handmade crayola scrawled cards.

On Dawson Street a glam mammy wheels a pram and totes two toddlers while telling her friend on the phone she miraculously managed to nab a babysitter for tonight.

Once the kids have nodded off the fourteen year old babysitter sits in watching 'the Notebook' and has a little whinge while munching a pre- Easter Cadburys egg and dreaming of Ryan Goslings embrace.

A couple stays in on Gardiner Street in their new apartment with a dominos and a bottle of wine for a movie night but they never get around to switching it on.

In every nightclub on Harcourt Street some cheeky chappie uses the same line to reel a lady in to 'score'.

The single ladies embrace 'girl power' chanting 'single pringles' yet wear their best little black dress teamed with smoky eye make up and enter the night as a pack hoping to meet someone a little bit special.

Happy Valentines Day in Dublin! 

Xo Laura

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