Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My Look Magazine appearance!

I had been contacted by Look Magazine who told me they wanted to put my hair image in their magazine! I was delighted as it's a brilliant glossy fashion and beauty mag which I love to read.
I eagerly anticipated appearing in it. I got a lovely surprise when flicking through the February 18th issue when I realised I am featured not once... but TWICE! :)

K- Middy may be gracing the cover but I am on pg 55 and 80! It has hit news stands in both the UK and Ireland so check out the 'Street Style Hair - The hottest do's were loving this week' on pg 55 where I have my hair styled in a pin- curl fringe and I'm wearing retro inspired make-up. I briefly tell you how to do the style at home, it's easy peasy.

The 'Straighteners are back' feature shows my picture as the street style image and then shows the catwalk equivalent. I love wearing my hair straight. If I am working a big event like interviewing on the red carpet or simply heading out with friends I think straight hair can really enhance my look.
It is more slimming to the face than curls or waves in most instances.

Face- framing poker straight hair can be styled to look high fashion but is also one of the best achievable, versatile looks that will leave your hair looking glossy. It doesn't have to be lackluster. Make sure to use a heat protector like Elnett heat protector spray before using hot irons and I personally swear by argan oil and Elvive heat defense serum for post- styling. Massage it into dry ends and dab the excess off with paper towel for a long lasting replenishing impact. Your hair will thank you for it! My celebrity hair icon is Diane Kruger! She pulls off gleaming straight hair with glamour and elegance. It is very youthful on her and when she teams her shiny mane with her unique sense of style she is a huge inspiration to all fashionistas.

Do you guys prefer to wear your hair straight and sleek or wavy/curly?

xo L


  1. This is amazing hun - well done :)

    New beauty post up if you would like to take a look please. Thanks! :)




    1. Thanks Charlotte! I just checked it out - I'm going to follow you so I can check out all your fab beauty posts! xx :-) P.S do you have a blog FB?