Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Will Anna Wintour leave Vogue?

Obama wants Editor- in - Chief Anna Wintour to exit Vogue & play an Ambassador's role but how would the fashion hive survive without its queen bee? A Bloomberg report has indicated that President Obama is considering Vogue Head Honcho Anna Wintour for U.S. ambassadorships in the U.K. and France. In the past, Anna Wintour has co-hosted a high-profile fundraiser in New York in June for Obama's presidential campaign and assisted with a line of Obama merchandise that pulled in a sizeable $40 million. Allegedly Wintour is up against Obama campaign finance chairman Matthew Barzun for the U.K. post and Marc Lasry for the top job at the U.S. Embassy in Paris. 

What do you think? Is it high time for a fusion of fashion and politics? Wintour could definitely teach politicians about the style stakes. Could she mirror the influence of Jackie O with her polished look and classy demeanor?

xo L

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