Friday, 7 December 2012

Hospital announces Kate Middleton's nurse found dead after prank call scandal

Today is a very sad day as a nurse has allegedly taken her own life due to the Kate Middleton Prank phone call scandal. Kate Middleton was admitted to hospital with a severe morning sickness called "hyperemisis gravidarum" and a Nurse on her ward was the victim of a prank that meant information leaked to the media.

The Nurse in question,  Jacintha Saldanha was a victim of a hoax by the radio pranksters from Australia. The King Edward VII Hospital has confirmed that the nurse involved has died. Paramedics tried to revive the woman at her address in Central London but she was found dead at the scene. Radio presenters Mel Grieg and Michael Christian of station 2DayFM made the prank phone call pretending to be the Queen and were transferred to the ward and had a brief conversation with the nurse on duty about Kate Middleton's condition. The presenters violated the privacy of the Duchess and it was odd that they got through so easily with their accents and overall behaviour during the erratic phone call. The hospital has apologised profusely for the "breach in security" and to date Australian station 2DayFm public statement has been that they "apologise for any inconvenience caused" by the prank phone call and admitted their surprise at being transferred through naming it "the easiest prank call to date". The radio station in question 2DayFM is no stranger to making the headlines was heavily criticised  in 2009 due to their treatment of a young rape victim on air.

Click the link below to hear the prank phone call:

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