Monday, 16 January 2012


Personal style can be hit and miss but that's what makes it so fun. When I get dressed for a night out I always aim to wear what I want to wear -  not what everyone else is wearing. We can fall into a trap of falling victim to a fashion trend that everyone else might think is the bee's knees, but when your heart isn't in your styling I think you wear that fact on your face. My favourite fashion mixture is retro and current. I have always been influenced more by urban wear than catwalk simply because it's more easily accessible and I can identify with it and have always loved funky dressy casual because you can party it up with feathery peeptoes or studded heeled boots and you ultimately have a fresh look.

In Ireland, the fashion isn't really 'out there'. Our style icons tend to be overseas. We're not versatile in comparison to our foreign counterparts. The funny thing about Ireland is that the 'street-style' is usually way more appealing than what we see in magazines. I get when models have a killer body they are trying to 'sell' themselves and wearing a body-con mini dress is undeniably their motif but sometimes it would be nice to see something more edgy and inspiring.
If you walk down the streets of Tokyo, Paris or New York you can witness where our trends stem from sometimes years in advance of them ending up on our backs. Playing with vintage and high street is a winning formula - like a fashion wedding union! something old, something new.

Parisian style - elegant with cabaret undertones

New york style - brought to the attention of the world through Patricia Field who cemented New Yorkers 'style status as fun frivolous and subtly and not overtly sexy.

I am venturing to New York in the coming weeks and I am going to keep a 'style diary'. I am going to visit the legendary vintage shops and make a visit to Patricia Field's store. As a beyond in-demand stylist, an Emmy-award winning costume designer who has worked on shows such as Sex and the City, Ugly Betty, Confessions of a Shopaholic, The Devil Wears Prada I am pretty sure I will be like a child on Christmas Day trawling through the goldmine that is Field's selections. But I will document my experience so I can share it with all you fashionistas out there.

This feisty lady sure can  illustrate style. She depicts how fashion is all about lifestyle and surroundings also:

"The way you dress yourself is a form of self-expression, and a way of communicating to others who you are. But style is broader than just fashion — it’s not only the way you dress, but how you decorate your home, the books you read. It all runs together. The more ways you can express yourself the better, because then you are communicating at a higher level."

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