Sunday, 31 May 2015

Let’s get personal: Time to tone up

Hi guys!

I made a decision recently to do a little overhaul - a needed one. I absolutely love my job but I realised that in order to keep up to speed & give it my absolute all I needed to hit the ‘refresh’ button. I felt like I needed an outlet or a hobby or something physical (besides shopping) to kick myself in to gear.

Truth be told I’ve wanted to tone up and mind myself a bit better. I found myself eating all the wrong things at the wrong times on the go and my Diet Coke & hazelnut latte addiction was getting out of hand! Procrastination has been my enemy because I’ve been working about six days a week but I think when something is important to you - you make the time. I’ve come to terms with the truth that to look after other people you have to look after yourself first and foremost! The things I’ve been inclined to reach for are a comfort thing and haven’t been giving me the fuel I need.
In the past 4 weeks I have lost half a stone! Now that may not seem like much but to the 5 foot 2.5 inch me even a small loss feels major. The jeans dance is becoming more of a wriggle. Weirdly enough the first place I noticed slimming down was my face - a huge part is sleep, drinking more water and getting the proper nutrients but I find I have more facial definition recently.
I’m feeling more confident and I’m sleeping a bit better with a slightly modified diet and new exercise regimen. What makes my life a bit easier is that luckily I can be stubborn so if I go to the gym and do my programme I won’t come home and eat crap because actually going and being active boosts my willpower. I’ve joined Energie Fitness in Ballsbridge and I really like it - I have privacy but I also great guidance, trainers and with my membership I can attend unlimited classes including yoga and bootcamps.

Especially as of late I am so excited for where my career is going - recently I have found great happiness in having more TV & filming opportunities, collaborating with huge brands and by having features written about me, my personal style and also my styling in the press which isn’t something I ever thought could happen! Honestly it does inspire me to put my best foot forward in every aspect. I think we all want to be the very best version of ourselves.

I am very excited about my fitness journey and will be blogging all my updates on Lipstick Gossip!

Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend :-)



  1. I'm really looking forward to all your updates on your fitness :)

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