Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Body Shop: Threading Review!

I had a really great eyebrow threading experience this week! I got my eyebrows threaded by the lovely Jaspreet in the Body Shop in Dundrum. I am quite blonde and very sensitive to tints, waxing and threading but what impressed me about my appointment was Jaspreet's technique.

Jaspreet sanitised the area while asking me about what I was looking for in terms of shape.
I love to have my brows tidied up & shapely but quite natural for day to day. I'm inclined fill them in with light brown pencil and eyeshadow applied with a slanted brush for evening time and when I want a stronger look to frame my eye make up. I pulled the skin taut as Jaspreet threaded and walked out eleven minutes later delighted with the shape.

I think having your brows threaded is the most long lasting solution while accentuating your natural arches. Jaspreet was swift and had great attention to detail. I was really satisfied with the result as I know it sounds very prissy but there is nothing more soul destroying than have your eyebrows too thin or uneven. Threading is an art form in itself and you need to go somewhere that you know will cater to your wishes and not give you a scouse brow against your will.

Loving the shape of my brows!
The price points are very reasonable for the service in the Body Shop. It is only €15 and you can book over the phone or they also take walk ins and are accommodating about slotting clients in same day. To book Jaspreet specifically in The Body Shop in Dundrum you can call (01) 296 3224. There's also 'The Body Shop' on Grafton Street, in Liffey Valley & on Upper Liffey Street near the Ilac shopping centre. I would highly recommend them.