Friday, 18 January 2013


A new year has begun, and with a new year comes change. We all have resolutions like getting fit or being more organized, but what I really want is to live 2013 to the full.
I want it to be a year that will be great workwise and personally. I am currently working as a freelance journalist, radio reporter and blogger. I love working in media and I hope this year will be as fruitful as last year. My resolution to soak it all in has already started with an American road trip.
I've been to Orlando, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Alabama and many other places so far. I have had my fortune read by a medium in the haunted house of Voodoo, hopped on the plane of Elvis, explored CNN world headquarters, tickled and fed stingrays and tried out every imaginable fast food place physically possible on the coast. I have embraced my inner- child in Harry Potter land and stepped on the largest escalator in the world among other randomness.

These travels have literally been a dream come true and a chance to realize not only what a lucky duck I am, and how different fashion, culture and life is in the US - A place I have always been attracted to.
 I have had great adventures which I will share on the blog, telling you what places are great to tour, shop, wine and dine and explore across the USA.

Happy New Year everyone :)

xo L

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