Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Trends for Spring 2012

Well my fellow gossipers.... according to the Mayans this is the last year of our existence.. so we may as well go out with a bang when it comes to our styling!

Colour blocking is still on the catwalks, Marc Jacobs has his doll-like models sporting daring clashing numbers. I found a great high- street equivalent in Forever 21 - a magenta and orange short- sleeved blouse for 24 eur. Not bad considering it is suitable for both night time and casual wear.

But to tone down colour blocking and bring it back to suit you, pick colours that will complement your skin pallor and hair colour. For example, if you are a traditional cailin with ravishing red locks and a pale complexion emerald green blouses, or peachy- coral will look great. If you are raven haired with a medium- tanned complexion its better to go a little bit out there... safari colours with a strong primary colour thrown in such as a sandy or brown bodycon skirt, red/fuschia cropped t-shirt/ blouse (check out american apparel online) with yellow or colourful chunky accessories best found in Topshop or Penneys look fun and flattering for Spring.

Tapered high wasted trousers worn with this seasons wedges and splatterings of statement jewellery are a sexy but sophisticated way to go. Be all european and throw a beret on! They are really cute and keep your hair in place, and in windy weather that is a godsend. The hair/lipgloss combo is negative craic. And a little frustrating. With some pearls and a blazer you are ready to go! 

My beret from Miss Selfridge

My best fashion find this month was unrivalled by anything I have seen in a long time.
Do you know that feeling when you try on something and you feel a million euro? You feel slimmer or just plain old different. I found an adorable outfit in a vintage store in Dublin called 'Shotsy'.

 Click here to find 'Shotsy' vintage wear on facebook

This little green minidress I tried on had a built in shorts underneath and had that cute apron pattern I associate with those stepford-ish wives from the 40's.
My little green minidress is in fact a vintage swimsuit. And I have to say the ladies back then really had taste. Fashion seems inclined to come full circle. My new outfit is quite short by but with white opaque tights, grey tights or regulation black tights it is more porcelain doll- like than overtly too curve- skimming. It is versatile in daytime or for night time Sally Hansen Airbrush Tanning spray on your legs is an infamous favoured product by a lot of Irish ladies this weather.

Little did the previous owner think I would proudly don their swimwear for a night on the tiles! ;)

That's what makes vintage items so special.. each and every garment has a tale to tell. For those who only see clothes for the practical element I always want to shout from the rooftops why fashion is so important. Our style is an extension of our personality and therefore ourselves. Our little day-to-day choices about what we throw on our backs says a lot about us.

 For cute little playsuits and retro attire this Spring I would recommend four places in particular...

Click below to find these stores on Facebook: 


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