Monday, 24 February 2014

Same chic different day: Being a stylist.

I just got back from New York. The jet lag has gone and I miss the snowy ‘Big Apple’ but I am still basking in that Friday feeling that lasts all week long. I have come home feeling rejuvenated, revived and enthused. I'm brimming with ideas. New York Fashion Week was a phenomenal inspiration. I soaked it all in and I had so much fun in the process. I think working in this industry can be all encompassing and it genuinely can be hard to switch off and recharge your batteries. As much as I love what I do I think that it is important to watch a fashion show with your own eyes instead of feeling the compulsion to record everything through a lens. Just like it is great to walk in to a shop when you aren't working and not solely be on the hunt for accessories and attire for shoots but to just take a look. I want to experience everything firsthand. It is good to log off, log out and get some fresh air. I think straddling being a Journalist, stylist and blogger can be a tricky one but it can be done.
What has been great for me is that I have been writing a lot of freelance articles for magazines and newspapers. When I was in New York a few shoots I styled hit press but I was sent on a copy of the latest Sunday World Magazine and I felt a real genuine happiness at seeing a project I worked on grace the cover. I styled the spread but also interviewed model Madeline Mulqueen so I felt like the piece was a good representation of what I can do. It is great to see your byline in print.

I was recently interviewed by Orla Barrett, a fashion enthusiast and Journalism student for the ‘UCD College Tribune’ about the truth of what it takes to be a stylist. I did my best to be as forthright and as honest as I could be. I don’t want to lead anyone down the rabbit hole.

"There are many factors that will help you on the road to becoming a fashion stylist for press. Studying Journalism and having a broad media skill set is a great asset to have. It is important to be ambitious and have a real passion for styling. To get your foot in the door always remember the importance of manners and being humble. With the way social media is nowadays Ireland's top industry people are only a click away. Offer to assist for free on shoots, backstage at shows, learn to hone your craft and find a niche. To be a fashion stylist having industry experience is golden. Understand the format of magazines, what their patterns are, what kind of shoots are featured. Educate yourself about sizing, seasonal trends and collaborate with those who share your interest. There are many facebook groups such as 'Irish Models black book' 'Dublin models' and 'Irelands models' where you can link up with people who want to build their portfolios - but research them before you do and don't meet anyone alone. You can also set up your own shoots, use social media to your advantage and blog about the kind of shoots and trends that interest you. If you are starting out and trying to find your feet, before you have built contacts to pull attire from shops, a great idea is to utilise your own wardrobe to showcase your personal style which will speak volumes about you. Style yourself or a friend, take candid shots and talk people through via a blog where you draw inspiration from. Sign up to mailing lists of fashion websites to keep abreast of international street style and what will be hitting the high street. Truthfully you need to have a flair and real talent to get opportunities of prominence, but if you really want it and are devoted there is room for the next generation of savvy stylists to make their mark.” 

Be bold, be brave & misbehave!

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