Monday, 29 October 2012

Calling fellow cinephiles: Blockbuster reviews on 'In Colour on RTE 2XM'

I am a huge fan of 'In Colour' on RTE 2XM. It plays tunes you are already hooked on, anthems that you haven't heard in ages and fresh Irish artists for your pallet. The show is a marriage of many great things. I contribute to the show sometimes talking films, reporting at festivals or interviewing artists. But I am an avid listener every Monday at 8pm. It offers something fresh and innovative via the airwaves. Tonight on the show I will be talking about some films you NEED to see in the cinema very soon.
 I chat about Skyfall - a bond film of true cinematic splendor which has flabbergasted critics and spawned rave reviews. It is the best film I have seen in years.
On the show we talk about Byzantium - the Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan vampire upcoming release and many more films listeners need to know about. I urge you to go see Paranorman as opposed to Frankenweenie or Hotel Transylvania if you are looking for a Halloween movie because it is really entertaining whether you are a trick-or-treater or above your twenties. It is a great flick. I covered the Film Fest in cineworld for - Paranorman and Looper were the standalone films from the weekend.

This is me being my usual weird self at the press premiere of 'Paranorman' in Cineworld. Like my mask?
To hear my film news and reviews tune in tonight at 8pm- 9pm on RTE 2XM -turn on your digital radio, listen online, or on UPC Channel 944.

Click this link at 8pm to listen online on the RTE Radio player!

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My Halloween Outfit: Creepy Doll!

I took the creepy doll route for Halloween. I love doing face paint and bizarre make-up so this was great fun. I kept my body simple and not too white to make the face the full focus of the outfit. I wore two pairs of lashes - top ones in the upper eye crease are eylure double lashes from the Katy Perry range and the bottom ones are a few centimeters below the bottom lash line are from Mac cosmetics in Brown Thomas. My black contact lenses are from Fresh Temple Bar I got my little dolly dress in the infamous vintage quirky style haven Lucy's Lounge! A serious haunt of mine. I love that place - they  are approaching 25 years in business next month which says a lot about what a pearl that store is in Temple Bar. There are so many Halloween bargains to be found in-store. And what I like is that even if someone is dressed up as something similar you can still put your own spin on a worn idea if you take the vintage or handmade route. My dress was only €10. Bargain. In contrast to my dark outfit I had really glam nails in pastel colors. I got them done by the lovely Grace Flood for an upcoming magazine feature. 

My unique nail art with diamond's, bows, skulls and pearls.
You can check out Grace's facebook page with pricing and nail art -  the 'Cherry on Top' page just click here!

I dragged lotso-huggin bear around for doll-like effect! God I love that bear. I had to get him dry cleaned though so to my dismay he no longer smells like strawberries. I got fake blood in the pound shop for €1, my white face paint came in a sachet which I purchased in Georges Street Arcade for €6. I drew stitches on with liquid eyeliner. And used the same to draw on a pair of surprised-looking eyebrows. My socks with ribbons I picked up ages ago and I teamed them with my platform Jeffrey Campbells. I am getting serious mileage out of those shoes! I bought them for a Stellar Magazine shoot last month and we have been irrevocably and passionately in lust ever since. I wear them with skinny jeans to meetings and work functions or when I am interviewing someone. With high quality shoes like that, even with height you have great comfort and they still make a statement.

You can 'HYPE' my look on for their Halloween competition

I hope you liked my Halloween look! I'd love to see any of yours? 

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My Halloween looks 2011: Tiger & Pilot!

I bought lenses in Stephens green shopping centre on the third floor. I loved them. I was fascinated by the contrast between the yellow, black and whites of my eyes. I blended orange, brown and gold shadows on my forehead, cheeks and forearms. I wore my hair wild, tousled and crimped with a pair of cat ears from the old reliable Claires Accessories and teamed them with a dress from my wardrobe two years ago, from River Island that fitted the bill. I wore high silvery platform heels and neon orange fishnet tights that glowed in the dark. The look was fun and took under 30 minutes to throw together! I wore this look to 'Benedicts' - my local nightclub. 

I wouldn't usually dress provocatively on a night out but halloween (according to Mean Girls) is the one night you can get away with being a little 'out there'. I am seriously paraphrasing there! I bought a Top Gun pilot costume in Catch boutique in Dublin. I loved wearing the costume it was sexy but had a great sense of occasion. Catch Boutique are based very central in Dublin City centre - just a stones throw from the Spire. 

I gave the outfit a vintage twist with 1940's inspired make up and hair (AMEN lady Danger by mac lipstick). I donned white 'feline eye' shaped sun-glasses. I love the 'cat eye' look with sunnies. I wore white lace hold ups and white gloves. The picture below was taken by a photographer! He said that he really liked the look. But then again we are all very complementary on Halloween! :)

What to wear this year.... I do not have a clue what I am wearing or even doing this halloween! I would like to dress gory or scary as a zombie or something and go all out for the occasion. I love Halloween.

What about you? What are you guys wearing for Halloween?

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The ‘Shutterbug Vintage’ Kilo Sale – A kilo haul of vintage is a steal for €20!

The second Shutterbug Kilo event takes place this Bank Holiday Saturday, October 27th in the Langton House Hotel ballroom, Kilkenny. I didn't get to make it to the last one and as a vintage-wear fiend I am ferociously excited. When I go vintage I go for style and that unique appeal of ethereal clothes of a different era. There is a romanticism to vintage attire. My first vintage purchase was a headpiece from the 1920's that belonged to an actress, one of my favorite vintage items is a swimsuit from the '40-'s that I wear as a playsuit. Back then I probably would have been arrested! I am excited to invest in some vintage style staples for Winter...

My vintage swimsuit isn't slaking my lust for retro clothes... I need a re-invigoration!

The ‘Shutterbug Vintage’ store in Kilkenny is hosting a second ‘Vintage Kilo Sale’ event this Bank Holiday Saturday the 27th of October. A vintage ‘street-style’ pop up shop will be created in the stunning ballroom of the Langton House Hotel on John St. in Kilkenny, but, instead of price tags – the clothes will be sold by the weight, at just €20 per kilo! The thinking behind the idea is ‘Affordable Vintage by the weight, not the price tag’ – an idea developed by ‘Shutterbug Vintage’ owner Blanaid Hennessy following a trip to Berlin, where Kilo Sales have become a favourite destination of vintage lovers.

“I really felt that this was an innovative way to shop for vintage.” says organiser Blanaid Hennessy,“It’s also incredibly wallet-friendly, as you can get anywhere from three to five regular items in a kilo. You can fill your wardrobe with the unique vintage clothes you love – while feeling very little money-related guilt! 

Shoppers at the ‘Shutterbug Vintage’ Kilo Sale are provided with bags, which they can fill with as much as they like from the rails stuffed with on-trend vintage clothes. There are changing rooms on site, and scales for them to check how much they’ve spent so far. Once they’re satisfied with their swag, the bags are weighed again, and calculated at just €20.00 per kilo!

The last Kilo Sale was a huge success, with a massive crowd descending on the Langton Hotel to do some serious shopping. “We were overwhelmed with the turn out, it was really exciting and made us determined to come back even bigger with this one, with more stock and styles!” Hennessy says.

The sale begins at 11am on Saturday the 27th of October. Blanaid does stress that shoppers try and come as early if possible to avoid disappointment; “As the old saying goes, and it really applies to vintage -  ‘once it’s gone, it’s most definitely gone!’ 

There will also be an after-party that night in the Langton House Hotel featuring the 90s dance band ‘Smash Hits’, so Kilkenny is definitely the place to be this Halloween!

Entry is free in to the day event. For more info see mail 
or you can call 056 7703312

Tickets for ‘Smash Hits’ are available through Langton’s House Hotel.
 ( 056 7765133) 

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Boots is in the Pink for the Irish Cancer Society!

Boots is in the pink this week as they continue their activities as an official Pink Partners of the Irish Cancer Society to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2012. They are doing their part to help the Irish Cancer Society fight one of the most common cancers in Ireland. Boots will be donating 5c from the sale of Indulgent Bathing products in Boots Ireland stores until the end of the month. Participating brands include all your favorites such as Soap & Glory, Sanctuary and Champney’s.

Boots will also be encouraging women to be breast aware and will have breast health and breast cancer information leaflets in store. All the money that the Boots and other Pink Partners donate to the Irish Cancer Society will go towards the Society’s Action Breast Cancer programme which provides breast cancer information and support services to thousands of women across Ireland each year. Each of the Pink Partners is contributing something unique to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Irish Cancer Society. Curves will be asking every new member who signs up in October to donate a minimum of €25 as a joining fee and the full amount will donated to the Irish Cancer Society’s Action Breast Cancer programme.

 Speaking at the Launch of the Pink Partners, Emma Barrett, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Irish Cancer Society, said, “The Irish Cancer Society relies almost entirely on public donations, receiving less than 5% of income from government funds, the support of organizations like the Pink Partners to fund our services is vital.  Breast cancer touches almost everyone in this country  so getting out there and ‘buying pink’ when you can is a great way to support the Irish Cancer Society and help fund some of the services provided for women living with breast cancer in Ireland.”

For more information on the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Pink Partners, please see

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Massage Review @ the Bodywise Clinic!

Life can be stressful on our minds and bodies. Sometimes we are so caught up in our daily lives we don't realize the magnitude of it. And also in times of economic constraint we can be disinclined to treat ourselves because we are simply the 'too busy' generation. This is a huge mistake! You only live once and it's important to be a well-oiled machine, hence looking after ourselves.

"Our bodies are our gardens - our wills are our gardeners."
~William Shakespeare

When I was contacted by, I was interested to learn of their unique service which brings some of the best salons in Ireland together on one amazing website. Salon Addict is Ireland's largest booking hair and beauty salon site and customers can book a wide variety of treatments they wish to have by simply going online to
Looking good and feeling fabulous has never been this easy.

A great benefit with '' is that the further in advance you book your treatment, the cheaper it will be as this website offer an advance booking discount.
So not only are you making life easier, you are also get to save some money! Win situation if you ask me! You can compare everything from pricing and reviews to location and availability and everything is easily laid out in a step by step process.
All you have to do is simply choose your Salon, choose your treatment and pay a small deposit to secure the booking (they accept all major credit & debit cards). The balance is then payable in the salon where you have your treatment. Couldn't be easier! My choice was a salon called
 'The Bodywise Clinic' I went all dolled up and looking forward to getting a treatment. I had heard this was THE place to go!

I went to 'The Bodywise Clinic' on Suffolk Street in Dublin for a massage a few days ago and no exaggeration I feel like that time spent gave me the benefits of a spa weekend! They are specialists in natural health care and offer an array of treatments from sports injury massage to facials.
My first impression of 'The Bodywise Clinic' was that it was amazing to find a place of such serenity amidst the chaos and hustle and bustle of Dublin's City centre. Upon arrival I was offered chilled water and chamomile tea and the smell of incense was very inviting.

I got a deep tissue massage from Proprietor Siobhan Meehan, a very talented therapist who made me feel at ease. Siobhan has been in the business for a long time and is the go-to for many high profile clients. She was the massage therapist for J.LO's dancers in The O2 only last week.

It was the best massage I have EVER received for many reasons. A large attribute was that I really needed one! I felt like the tension built up in my shoulders without me realizing the extent of it. For so many hours a day at a desk as a writer, this had really affected my posture. I feel the treatment helped to really get the circulation going in my neck shoulders and lower back. It has me walking taller to say the least! I also love that feeling when you go somewhere to get a therapy and the staff and clientele are very zen and nonchalant. There was no showy sense of hyperactivity in the salon. It felt like a haven. It had that unisex appeal where a lot of clinics can fall down. 'The Bodywise Clinic' has a broader appeal for both men and women.

My back massage was to the pressure I desired, If you are conscious of liking a gentle massage or one with more vigor Siobhan Meehan listens to that and is very attuned to what you want or need out of the session. What I liked about the treatment was the usage of acupuncture needles. I took a leap of faith and decided to be brave as Siobhan had told me they create a bio chemical reaction that helps release knots and tension. I made the right choice. The morbid fascination was immense! It was a strange sensation, not an uncomfortable one - I felt a serious sense of immediate release with the acupuncture.
It was a strange sensation but in tying with the rub down massage I felt the after-affects were surprising! I felt happier, looser and more agile when throwing on a jumper and strolling down the street afterwards.

The attentiveness and overall treatment from 'The Bodywise Clinic' would encourage me to go back and try other treatments too, as well as massage therapy. I think in this day and age a therapy that can help your mentality and general wellbeing can have huge benefits in your life. If you are stressed or under-pressure swinging by somewhere like 'The Bodywise Clinic' on your lunch break or at some stage you have leisure time can alleviate aches, pains and help stimulate your mind.

I have a tendency myself to have that 'go, go, go!' mind frame but needless to say, I am now a convert.

Due to the central location, attentiveness and all around ambience of 'The Bodywise Clinic'
I would highly recommend it. I give it five stars.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

I would like to give a huge thank you to Siobhan Meehan, proprietor of 'The Bodywise Clinic' and Lia Glynn from ''.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Dressing for work and play: My looks to date on!

'Something Old, Something New'

This is the outfit I wore to the Leopardstown races. I was really excited to dress up ladylike. I teamed a white backless lace vintage dress, with vintage gloves a statement Sonia Rykiel black and gold jacket, detailed headpiece and caved platform heels. I won a whole 12 euro at the races! I placed a bet on 'King of Dudes'. I had a great time as the Saw Doctors played on site and my winnings bought me an icy mojito! Most of the style at the event was clinging to the last threads of Summer.

'Structured in the Summertime'

I like the pop of colour with the 'New Look' wedge platforms combined with the slinky texture of the maxi also from New Look. The cropped textured studded jacket is very versatile. I wore the jacket to the IFTA's in 2011 when I was working the red carpet. The statement piece from 'Ruby Rouge boutique' in Gorey has served me well and has been a wardrobe staple for important events.

Festival Frenzy '12

It is a very laid back look - lanyard, the ankle wellies are Vivienne Westwood, I love them. I wore Topshop print leggings and a Rihanna Tee to add to the colorful theme. I slicked my hair in a high ponytail (you can emulate this look by checking out Hairspray hair extensions) I threw on my trusty 1980's vintage levis jacket from 'Fresh' in Temple Bar, Dublin. I also wore chunky hoochie faux gold earrings to add a Miami beach dynamic to the look. Then I was good to go! A good, comfortable work look even in the rain. 

I was covering the Strawberry Fest for RTE 2XM & also for 'Lipstick Gossip'. My blog was sponsored by online fashion giant for the Strawberry Fest. Interviews from Bressie, Mikill Pane,  X Factor's Amelia Lily and finalist Marcus Collins, Maverick Sabre, Rebecca Creighton and many more can be found online. It was pretty cool to have them all in my hometown!

'Pacha Fever in Ibiza'

This is the outfit I wore to 'F**k me I'm Famous' by David Guetta in Pacha Ibiza. It was a very fun summery look teamed with florescent bangles a floral headband and killer pink spiked caved platform wedges. Myself and my sisters were in the VIP area trying (but failing) to seem nonchalant with David Guetta meters away. For a nerdy looking guy he is a groundbreaking DJ the atmosphere was electric in his club. Ibiza is literally his playground.

Electric Picnic '12

I was covering Electric Picnic as press and I wanted to feel comfy yet festival ready! There is nothing as handy as a tailored camo jacket they are so versatile. The Hunter wellies and socks also fared me well throughout the weekend as I felt confident doing interviews. You can listen back to the 'Electric Picnic show' on 'In Colour' on RTE 2XM on the RTE Radio player.

Why be so negative?

 Everyone isn't mad about Winter but layering is fun! And it's a chance to be eccentric. So my winter slogan is " Why be so negative? " ;) 

I'm wearing a 1980s Levi's studded and spiked customised denim jacket with electric navy blue disco pants. Layering on top white long tank top and flowing grey studded vest. Jeffrey Campbell platform wedges with silver detailing at the rear. It is a look that can transcend from night to day with an edge - just add a red lip, winged liner and poker straight locks to finish the look. I wore this outfit to an interview I was doing in the Merrion Hotel with Assets model Sean Mc Connon. 
Photo taken by Faye Bollard. 

'Pursuit of happiness'

I was heading to Dublin for a massage at The Bodywise Clinic that I would be reviewing for Lipstick Gossip - I dressed for the occasion in a white detachable Collar from topshop, monochromatic skull and rose print leggings, a black structured collar free blouse, black fleeced leather jacket, faux gold chains and a vintage head scarf tied in a 'washer-woman' style framing the face but also adding a twist accented by the leather gold studded ankle-length cowboy boots. My fleeced leather jacket I picked up in a Billabong sample sale in Times Square when I visited NYC on my 22nd birthday.

'Retro Revival'

A casual shopping outfit! I wore rounded nude sunnies framed by vintage headscarf, ankle length black tank maxi dress with crucifix high waist black leather belt from Urban Outfitters with my staple oversized vintage denim levis jacket embellished by spiked shoulder detail - teamed with orange leather satchel and threaded bracelets to finish the look. My platform sandals are from Urban Outfitters.

Well that shows off all my looks on to date. As a fashion journalist and radio reporter I have great fun playing dress- up for work events or simply letting my eccentric flag fly! My style tends to be quite playful. I am not a slave to trends and I am not afraid of getting it wrong (which we all do) because you have to have fun with your clothes and accessories mixing and matching items to truly embrace the true accent of your personal style. Rules are made to be broken!

xo L

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Friday, 19 October 2012

Interview and photoshoot @ The Merrion!

Last week I interviewed Assets male model Sean Mc Connon for a tell-all interview for We also had a photoshoot in the Merrion Hotel shot by photographer Faye Bollard. Faye has an innovative eye and her works have appeared in many magazines from Hotpress to Prudence, to elegant bridal publications. Her blog 'The Style Allotment' showcases her both her blogging and photography skills. Sean Mc Connon is a male model with great insight in to what it's like in the circuit in Ireland. He has great style and a vivacious, infectious persona. The three of us sat down to afternoon tea in the Merrion Hotel and had an interesting post- interview conversation about modeling in Ireland and what it takes to be successful in this fickle world of fame. We had candid conversations about the scandalous goings-on which I can't disclose just yet but the interview and photoshoot with Sean Mc Connon will be aired exclusively on very soon.

The photoshoot on the grounds was very scenic as the courtyard in the Merrion is covered in old stone and Autumn bushes and plants. It had a very secret garden vibe even though hotel residents could see exactly what shenanigans were going on below them. American TV host Conan O' Brien among them!

Faye Bollard put an article up on her personal blog 'The Style Allotment' showcasing my personal wardrobe choice that day in a snapshot she took.

Click here to read the article on 'The Style Allotment' !!

I called the look 'Why be so negative?' on because so many resent winter wear when layering can be fun and the cold isn't so bad when you have the right attire.

You can 'HYPE' my look called 'Why be so negative?' on by clicking here!

As soon as the interview is live on I will post a link here :)

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hello Cobalt! I featured in Stellar wearing Winters hottest shade!

I featured in the Stellar Magazine modeling for a street style shoot! It was for the ultimate  A/W trend cobalt blue. I toughened up the look with a military jacket & killer platform Jeffrey Campbells with silver detailing at the back! 

I also wore topshop studded socks which I love with everything from chunky wedges to my vintage spanish brogues. I donned a leather mini and flashed my legs! My necklaces and chain ring I picked up in River Island.

 I am a HUGE fan of Stellar magazine so I was and still am super excited. For a girl that is 5''3 I felt 6 feet tall! It was cool not to be behind the scenes for a change. It was so exciting. Lili Forberg took my picture! It was a bit of an out-of-body experience, I think I went into my nervous chatty at the speed of sound mode throughout the shoot! 

I got to meet Corina Gaffey the head honcho of styling in both Stellar and Kiss. She has a very unique eye and never plays it safe, which I believe many Irish stylists draw inspiration from. 

 I grew up reading Kiss as a tween, but as my hunger for fashion ensued, and I evolved from dungarees to playsuits, I began worshipping Stellar. I love that Ireland has such a great glossy mag. As a stylist and journalist I have great respect for both publications, Kiss & Stellar as I believe they contribute something special to young women in Ireland. 

The Stellar November issue is out in shops today! ♥

I recently purchased an amazing cobalt bowler hat which thrusts tow seasonal trends into one! I pinned, curled and styled my hair to make it look shorter to finish the look.

These were my nails I had the day of the shoot! They changed colour when exposed to coldness.

This is what happened when my hands were very chilly. Weird huh?

xo L

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And don't forget to rock the cobalt blue trend this Winter.