Sunday, 24 March 2013

My American Roadtrip: New Orleans.

When I arrived in New Orleans I was fascinated. By the old buildings, the atmosphere, the people, everything. I loved that every restaurant served shrimp gumbo, the huge holiday crowds and that there were quaint horse drawn carriages. I took a trip in one with a local man named Nate and his horse Honeyboy. Nate was a serious character telling me in a heavy sometimes unintelligible accent about the witch hunts, hauntings in the 1920's and the history of New Orleans. 

Nate & Honeyboy
I also went on a Haunted Tour to visit all the places where either weird hauntings have been reported or where historical battles had taken place. It was really cool. I soaked up the atmosphere with ease. It is evident why the place is called the 'Big Easy'. The people are charming and hospitable. In typical American fashion they love Irish people! The shopping and nightlife held great allure and it is a place I would adore to be in for Mardi Gras. What is spectacular is that the place has the appeal of having character and culture but also is a great destination for partying and fun. It is a winning combination. I stayed in the Hyatt Hotel which had the most beautiful buffet breakfasts every morning I have ever experienced in a hotel. I was a stones throw from the French Quarter where most of the action is.

 I went to a psychic in the house of Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau who unsettled me with her predictions. She was a glamorous 85 year old woman with lots of jewellery and long red nails. She had a weird vibe about her, I don't go to psychics usually but seeing as I was in the house of a legendary voodoo priestess I wanted to live the whole experience. 

Marie Laveau Altar in the 'House of Voodoo' on Bourbon St.
Legendary Bourbon street looks as though it is swarmed by saloons that are rowdy by 4pm and the drink of choice is a 'grenade' which has every spirit man has ever distilled, and potentially some mystery ingredients. On New Years Eve I danced and partied and had a ball. The Superbowl was on too which added to over 15,000 people celebrating on the streets by midnight!

My tights and boots combo!
Everyone wore embellished masks I picked up one and wore it as a headband. I wore my hair loose and wavy, had smoky eye make up teamed with peach lipstick. I picked up a black and gold dress in a little boutique near the French quarter which I teamed with funky tights and very high Louboutin-style shoe boots. The weather was balmy and humid and it was so nice to leave heavy jackets behind for a change on a night out. The style was very unique - people dressed as if they were at a carnival or something it was very out there.

My New Years look
Beneath fireworks to rival Disneyland I welcomed 2013 with open arms and I adored ringing in the new year somewhere unique that had an air of mysticism. And my exploring of New Orleans was magical. On my American roadtrip it was without doubt my favourite place to visit. 

Next time I visit New Orleans I want to go visit the alligators in the Bayou! Many more American road trip blogs to come. It has been an amazing journey in so many ways. I would highly recommend it! I went there with my boyfriend Darren and we both fell in love with the place.

xo L

Clothes Encounter with Shahira Barry!

I caught up with model of the moment Shahira Barry who talks fashion, LA, the playboy mansion and what it’s like to be a model in Ireland. I was taken aback by not only how enviably gorgeous she is but how she is without a doubt a very talented lady. This fashionista/model/songstress has a lot to offer.

Shahira Barry

 Hi Shahira! What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?
 At the moment I'm loving my black high waisted Disco Pants  from -They're super stylish and flattering on-they look tight, almost like leather, but they're actually really comfortable and more like a legging material inside. 

Who is your style icon?
 Definitely Kim Kardashian. I love looking at her clothes and her makeup-she is always immaculate and I love that she is curvy and dresses to flaunt her curves-the day of the 'supper skinny' size zero look fanned by Paris Hilton etc. has definitely gone and I think that has a lot to do with the Kardashians coming on the scene. I don't think I have ever seen Kim wear one thing that I haven't liked. Her style is flawless and I am also a massive fan of bodycon herve leger dresses that Kim is often seen sporting and Shoulder padded blazers for a day time look.

What kind of an outfit would you wear on a night out? Is your daytime/night time look very varied?
 I LOVE bodycon dresses for nights out! I don't go out very often so when I do I like to go all out and get very dressed up. My day time look is extremely varied, I guess it depends what I'm doing, if I'm chilling around the house or walking around my local village I'll just wear sweats. You should see me in the gym I look dreadful! Around Galway I'd throw anything on really-jeans, comfy shoes and a cardigan. If I'm in Dublin I'm usual doing something connected with modeling so I'll be more dressed-up and wear heeled boots or shoes and jeans with a blazer. 

Shahira rocks a peplum belt

What do you think of the modeling industry in Ireland? How did you get started?
 My thoughts on the modeling industry in Ireland as a whole vary-In one way it's a lot easier to model in Ireland as the press-call circuit exists. I’ve found it doesn't really in other countries. Therefore it is easier to be a model as you don't have the same strict rules-such as height and size against you to be a press call model. However with that said it is still a difficult industry to break-especially if you don't know the right people who can guide and help you.You have to work extremely hard. I started by doing a one day modeling course with Absolute Studios back in April 2010 doing a course opened my mind into a world I knew nothing about and I just set my mind on it from that day on. 

Tell us a bit about your blog - what does it say about you?
 I started my blog as a bit of fun really. I like to write and I've been told I am good at giving people advice! So I thought it would be something to keep me busy in my spare time and I had no idea so many people would read it and it would do well. I never blog about celebrity gossip unless there's a moral to the story (for example I did do one blog on Kim K getting flour- bombed and how people should treat each other better) I like to stay away from any celebrity gossip but I blog about modeling, fashion, makeup, fitness, music and my life in general.  My favourite blog so far was an interview I did with hip-hop manager to the stars Steve Lobel. I am a big hip-hop head and Steve is an iconic manager who has worked with everyone from back in the day artists such as Biggie, Run DMC and Tupac to modern day Sean Kingston, Iyaz and Mann to name a few. I definitely don't limit my blog to one thing you can find anything on there! but what I'd like it to say about me is that I'm an approachable person who likes to give as honest an opinion as I can on the topics I blog about. 

What has been the highlight of your career to date?
 I think that the highlight of my career so far has definitely been traveling to Los Angeles! I had the time of my life! I was at the playboy mansion a couple of times during my visit-which was amazing! and I hungout with Akon on set of his new music video which was being filmed in a BelAir mansion. I am dying to get back to the US and do some proper work for a longer period of time.

Hugh Hefner and Shahira Barry
What are your ambitions for the future?
 I am an extremely ambitious person and I believe the sky is the limit. I want to continue doing as much modeling as I can but also a lot more singing, dancing and acting. I was recently approached to do my own single with producer Dav Nagle from Popstar studios-So I'm looking forward to getting in the studio and seeing how that will go. Being on stage is what I've dreamed about since I was a little girl.  

What is your ideal man like? Is he stylish?
 My ideal man- Tall (but not too tall: taller than me will do) and handsome. Stylish is a plus but I don't like guys who take it overboard such as ‘Geordie shores-eyebrows thinner than my own’ with Man- manicures and fake tan-that is not for me! I like a man to be manly! I love guys who are into music-if they sing/rap they had me at hello! But if they don't then I hope we like the same type of music. A guy who dresses nice is important but honestly for me its more about the way he treats me. I'm definitely not a girl who falls for the 'treat them mean' thing-If a guy isn't nice to me I'm over it. I won't like him at all. A sense of humour is very important too.

Where do you shop? Do you have a particular brand you always go back to?
 I'm lucky because lately I get a lot of things sent to me-to blog about/wear etc... that is definitely the best thing about modeling. I'm not a brand girl I'll literally shop anywhere! Don't get me wrong I like brands as much as the next person but I'm not too fussy. My motto with clothes is it doesn't matter where it's from if it's nice I'll wear it, if it's not I won't. Something brought in Brown Thomas won't make me like it, I might prefer a dress brought in Penneys over a designer dress, It just depends on the item in question. 

What advice would you give to young people who aspire to be models?
 Do it because it's what YOU want to do! not because it's the it thing to do, or you want to be able to say your a model. Do it because you have a desire to do it and not to impress others. Its a difficult industry. You will hear a lot of rejection in many forms, so you have to have a really thick skin and just be confident and believe in yourself.  

Who has been the most inspirational person you have met?
My mum inspires me every day-She's a single parent and she has brought me and my sister up through difficult circumstances unbelievably well! I owe everything to her-She is my best friend and she encourages and helps me in every way.  

If you want to hear more about Assets model Shahira and check out what she is up to her facebook is and you can follow her on twitter @ShahiraBarry. 

She is hitting the recording studio to do her own song very soon so keep your ears peeled, without fail Shahira Barry has a very bright future ahead of her.

xo L

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

I've got news! x

Hello ladies!

This week has been a busy one. Paddy's Day has come and gone and all we are left with are bright green outfits (and emerald green nails to match if you are me) that suddenly don't seem as cute and festive as they did last weekend.. I wore out my beautiful new shoes I got for my birthday.
My beloved Jeffrey Campbells needed a night out. I call them WMD's or weapons of mass destruction -the spikes are so sharp.

Shoes glorious shoes!

I haven't been blogging half as much as I would like to as I have been a busy bee. Being a Journalist continues to have it's trials and triumphs! At the moment I am loving my work. I have been working in radio doing interviews and also writing for magazines and websites. Speaking of magazines I have two bits of news for my  lovely readers -

First up I have been nominated for a 'Best Personal Style' Company Magazine Blog Award! If you would like to vote for me (I would love you forever) you can click here!!

Secondly, the lovely folks at 'Look Magazine' got in touch with me this week and gave me some great news! I featured in Britain's most popular fashion mag 'Look Magazine' twice in February modelling a pin- curl retro look and also street style poker straight hair. The editor contacted me the other day and told me she is a big fan of 'Lipstick Gossip' ! She would like to offer a free 3 month digital subscription not just to me - but one of my lucky readers! I will be holding a competition and the lucky winner will scoop up 3 months of Look Magazine. The giveaway will be hosted early next week!

I was invited to a really cool product launch party today by a London PR company in the Merrion next month that includes pedicures and breakfast - I am so excited. If any of you are looking for something fun and worthwhile to do this Friday there is the 'Angels for Barnardos' fashion show on in Ballsbridge for a great cause that looks unmissable! Tickets are €35. The Dublin Housewives and Fair City cast will be taking to the catwalk and X Factor's Mary Byrne will be performing..

xo L

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Love/Hate Season 4 exclusives!

I am living for the next season of Love/Hate. I think we all are... Alas an Irish crime drama we can be proud of! I caught up with the cast at the IFTA's and for those who missed my babbling on RTE you can hear from the talented cast of the hit TV show right here on Lipstick Gossip.

IFTA winner Tom Vaughan Lawlor talk about being 'Nidge' and perfecting his accent, Killian Scott reveals what could happen with Tommy next season - Robert Sheehan lets us all in on the fact he will be watching his character Darren's funeral from his couch joking he will be like the rest of us 'plebeians'  and additionally why he never changed his blue hoodie all season!! ( I had to ask...)
Also IFTA winner Susan Loughnane confesses she forgot to thank her boyfriend during her speech and seizes the opportunity during our interview to do it! Charlie Murphy talks about her IFTA win and the responsibility of portraying a rape victim in Love/Hate.

You can hear from the cast in that order by clicking here: 

xo L

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My news and views: Rihanna for River Island Press Launch!

I was very excited to be invited to the Rihanna for River Island Press Preview. The range radiated nineties throwback style but oozed that sensuality that Rihanna is renowned for. Guests were given a sneak peek at the range and could avail of a 20% discount. The line hit stores nationwide today.

I met some lovely folks on the night, Fashion blogger Fiona Mullen, Brendan Courtney, Beauty guru Joanne Larby and many more. Crowds gathered to covet something from the range that was the talk of London Fashion Week. Rihanna was at the London Preview last night.

Rihanna may not have been at the Dublin Press Event but the essence of her personal style was everywhere - from thigh- high and ankle scraping boots to lemon silk and playful denims - the Rihanna for River Island range had a broad appeal and surely will make an impact on the Dublin style scene.   Of course there is that inevitable fear that does one need Rihanna's shapely silhouette to carry off her sexy street style, but I believe that if you dress for your shape and mix and match you can interpret the trends as your own, the range is wearable and flattering. The idea is to emulate Rihanna's exotic star style  in your own way rather than mirror it. I loved the slouchy tanks which would look funky with chunky gold chains and the limited edition Rihanna snowy leather baseball jacket. Check out the Rihanna emblazoned buttons...

I picked up the black leather peaked hat from the range - it had an egyptian feel and would be wearable to a festival, party or even shopping if styled down. I really liked it so I swooped in and got the last one! I flat out couldn't leave the event empty handed the hat was just too slick.

I was chatting to the lovely folks from VaVaVoom TV. They were interviewing many people from Dublin's fashion and journalism scene at the event. I wore a vintage sequined embellished jumper from Fluorescent Elephant on the night and everyone was raving about it! Brendan Courtney said he really liked it which I was happy about. I felt cosy but it is nice to wear a statement piece. It can really jazz up an outfit and considering how cold it was in Dublin last night I was glad of it the warmth and sparkle. I wore a River Island leopard print headband, black River Island leggings, my vintage jumper and black spiked Jeffrey Campbell heels. I have decided to call my Jeffrey Campbells WMD's. They truly are weapons of Mass Destruction! I stabbed myself in the finger as I put them on before the event but luckily I had some plasters at hand.

My WMD's aka Jeffrey Campbells

The VaVaVoom TV photographer liked the detailing on the vintage jumper and took my picture at the event.
Image courtesy of VaVaVoom TV
I was interviewed by Fashion One for a TV interview by the lovely Ciara O' Doherty from 'Wildchild Stories'. We talked about the style at the event, the staple pieces from the Rihanna collection and who we would like to see River Island do a collaboration with! I maintain Diane Kruger for River Island would be spectacular. I will post a link to the interview when it goes live!

Ciara and I met for the first time last night and through our mutual love of River Island, fashion, personal style and all things Rihanna, we instantly bonded while frothing at the mouth over River Islands latest offering. The event brought together a fallout of fashionistas.

Image courtesy of Emily Quinn Photography
Overall I would like to say a thank you to the River Island PR Ladies for throwing a soiree worthy of the Rihanna for River Island collection. RiRi herself really missed out! I recommend all of you readers to go check out the line for yourselves in River Island and let me know what you think!

xo L